Open Brasil 2020

Your great idea is worth a
great partnership.

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What is the Vallourec
Open Brasil?

It is a great competition that brings together startups from all over Brazil to solve real Vallourec challenges, providing immersion in technologies and a lot of exchange of experiences with field specialists.

The 4th edition of this creative ecosystem.

This year, we are looking for entrepreneurs who can solve issues related to increasing operational efficiency at the Mining unit.

Who is Vallourec?

With over 19,000 thousand employees in 50 industrial units, sales offices and six research centers, Vallourec Group is present in over 20 countries. World leader in the manufacture of seamless steel pipes and premium piping solutions, Vallourec serves the energy, oil, industrial, civil construction and automotive sectors.

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Choose a challenge and join in!

Challenge 1

Analysis of concentrate pulp with the approximate iron and silica.

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Challenge 2

Previous analysis of granulometric distribution of a given portion of ore.

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Challenge 3

Data integration and real-time diagnosis of geotechnical parameters in mining.

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What your startup get.

  • Visibility of the solutions developed throughout the program with other units within the Vallourec Group.

  • Immersion in Vallourec culture and training.

  • Development of a joint project with Vallourec, a world leader in the supply of premium piping solutions.

  • Mentoring of experienced professionals recognized in the market throughout the development of the projects.



Interested startups must apply by October 07, 2020. After the date, Vallourec will select candidates and applicants without legal and/or tax restrictions, whose performance and business model are in line with one of the proposed challenges, to move on to the next stage.

Video Pitch

Time for introduction. Make a video in MP4 format of up to 5 minutes to introduce the company, the team and also a project proposal related to one or more challenges of the Vallourec Open Brasil 2020.


Five days to work side by side with Vallourec, learn more about the challenges and better understand the company's business.

Pitch day

Time to present the work proposal prepared during Immersion to a panel of judges made of Vallourec representatives. The entire presentation must be in English, considering that we will have international judges on the panel.


Stage where the startups selected on Pitch Day and Demoday will be hired. Time to start implementing the solution proposed by the participants with the support of professionals appointed by Vallourec.

Closing Workshop

Final presentation of the project developed for Vallourec managers and closing of the Vallourec Open Brasil 2020.

Frequently asked questions

How will the immersion stage be carried out?

Applicants selected for this stage will be duly informed in advance. We will follow the recommendations of local and international health authorities. Vallourec will provide all the necessary support for the selected startups, mostly aiming to preserve the health and safety of everyone.

Will travel expenses during the Immersion stage be paid by Vallourec?

Partially. Vallourec will only pay for airfare expenses for up to 2 (two) representatives of each startup based outside the city of Belo Horizonte and the metropolitan region. In addition, all startups selected for the Immersion stage will receive a refund of up to BRL 1200.00, right after this stage, for accommodation and meal expenses. It is the startup's responsibility to attend this stage.

Will travel expenses during the Development stage be paid by Vallourec?

No. The startup is responsible for its own travel expenses and must consider them when proposing the contract value for the Development stage.

How long should the project be completed in the Development stage?

Each project selected in Pitch Day must follow the development time agreed in a specific contract between Vallourec and the startup. However, the projects must have a maximum of 6 (six) months duration. We also remember that the time for execution of the project is one of the selection criteria.

Will the development stage be carried out in Belo Horizonte and Brumadinho?

Yes, the development stage will take place in both locations. Vallourec's doors are open for the startups to work at their units in Belo Horizonte (seamless steel tubes factory) or Brumadinho (Mina Pau Branco), depending on the needs agreed in the contract to be carried out at the beginning of the Development stage.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to