Challenge 1

Imaging analysis of concentrate pulp (pellet feed) with the approximate iron and silica content on the sample as a response

The challenge is the imaging evaluation of the iron and/or silica content of an iron ore concentrate pulp sample in the fine fraction (pellet feed).

It is also necessary to carry out the identification of foreign bodies on the conveyor rack. There are currently metal detectors at key points on the belt racks, which stop the rack so that the metal object is removed. In addition to the detectors, there are scrap extractors that remove the metals significantly (which can be harmful to the equipment). However, non-metallic scraps are not detected and end up damaging mainly the cone crusher.

Currently the quality response time of the pellet feed product is 8h (chemical analysis), which makes it difficult to make a quick decision when we have an iron/silica content outside the intended specification.