The challenge is to develop software for integrating data and diagnosis in real time of the geotechnical structures of the Pau Branco mine. The challenge is to concentrate the entire existing database on a single and easily accessible platform, providing agility, assertive assessments and efficient responses to problems presented on a daily basis.

The solution we are looking for is the development of low cost and easy access software that allows the competent teams to carry out the joint management of pit structures, waste piles and dams. On this platform we will need to consolidate data from all structures, such as:

  • Projects under development, geological and geotechnical investigations, history of projects already developed, etc.;
  • Risk Analysis of geotechnical structures;
  • Management of geotechnical instruments monitoring (Water Level Indicators (WLI), Piezometers (PZ), Ground Settlement Markers...);
  • Management of geotechnical inspections of cells, dams and pit;
  • Management of the monitoring of the lowering pit;
  • Generation of graphs with individual and sectioned reading of the instruments;
  • Dam Safety Plan - PSB;
  • Internal and external audits;
  • Plans for preventive actions that may arise during project development.

Therefore, the software to be developed will be an important tool aimed at the organization, standardization and management of geotechnical information, allowing the generation and automatic updating of all geotechnical and hydrogeological data of the Pau Branco mine.